Wow. I'm getting horrible at staying on track. Maybe I should have made some sort of New Year's resolution about it... Oh well. I blame my absences on work draining the life out of me and the internet's capability to keep me mindlessly entertained for hours. *shakes fist*

I did however manage to squeeze in some reading. I have to admit up front that this is the second time I've read The Hunger Games Trilogy. I read it once last year on the advice of several friends and I instantly loved it. The ideas, the plot, and yes, the love story, had me captivated. 

I read them again because the movie of the first book is coming out in March and I wanted to familiarize myself with them again. I thought it would be a nice easy read, because I already read them, right? Wrong. I ate it up. I couldn't put them down for a second time. 

Why do I like them so much? Well, first of all I love the timing of the books. Suzanne Collins has this wonderful way of keeping you engaged because the plot never drags. I guess you could get bored with almost every chapter having a cliff hanger ending but I find this only makes me want to flip the page faster. 

Secondly, I love the idea. The book is set in the future where there are 12 districts which surround the Capitol. Years ago, there was an uprising between the districts and the Capitol, and guess who came out on top? If you guessed the Capitol you are right. In order to show their power over the other districts, they pick a girl and a boy from each district and put them in the Hunger Games, where the are placed in an arena and have to fight to the death. 

I know you're thinking, "It sounds awful!" And I have to say that you're right. It is terrible. And this is what the books are really about: War and the effects of war. 

The main character Katniss Everdeen, volunteers to be in the games after her sister's name is called. It's through her eyes that you see the struggle for survival and the punishment for a war that happened over 75 years ago. 

If you've read them and liked them, tell me why. If you've read them and don't like them, I'm interested too... especially because I think they are so great. If you've never read them, do it! Though finding a copy at the library might be hard right now because of the movie coming out. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed about this one...

The Wakeful Dreamer

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