Happy November! It is now the month where it can officially snow! Some might be horrified that I even mentioned snow but the sooner we reconcile with the idea the better we will be prepared. I'm not totally ready for it myself but my birthday is this month so I've had to live with snow either on or around my birthday so my entire life.

And because it is my birthday this month I thought I would share some of my favorite books with you! There is one thing you need to know first: it's hard for me to choose a favorite of something. If you were to ask me who my favorite music artist is, my first response would be, "Which genre?" I happen to really like Yo-Yo Ma (famous cello player) and Coldplay, but could I put one before the other? The answer is no, because they are from two different genres. To say one was better than the other would be strange to me. 

Today, I would like to share with you my favorite science fiction book... and before I get started I have to say that he's my favorite science fiction writer because he wrote a lot of short stories and books. So, without further ado: Philip K. Dick!

You may be surprised to know that you actually know of at least one of his stories (probably more). A few of his stories have been turned into movies like Blade RunnerTotal RecallA Scanner DarklyMinority ReportPaycheckNextScreamers, and The Adjustment Bureau. Minority Report being my favorite. 

What? That's not enough? Why is he my favorite sci-fi writer, you ask? For the simple reason that he has the ability to take something and not just turn it upside down on you, but lay it on its side so that you can have a good long look at it. He shows you that everything has a different perception and that maybe your "reality" isn't really real. 

Every once in a while I like to curl up and read a few of his short stories to twist my mind about reality and then get back to my real life... or what I think is my real life...

The Wakeful Dreamer

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