... Charles Dickens was born! I knew this is what you were waiting to hear all day. Though if you haven't already heard about it on the news, you probably visited Google today and saw the little doodle. 

So what do we know about this prolific author? Not very much actually. I mean I like Charles and all but I can't say I've read him a lot. I did read Oliver Twist again recently (as in the last year and a half recently). Perhaps in honor of his birthday I'll try and read something else... like A Christmas Carol! I have only ever seen movie versions and it might be time to come face to face with Mr. Scrooge.

I did come across this little article that tells us ten things we might not know about him:

 I have to say after reading this list I feel like I know him personally. In fact I think if we had coffee we'd have a lot to talk about from nicknames to spontaneous human combustion. 

Happy 200th Birthday Mr. Dickens. Happy Birthday.

The Wakeful Dreamer

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