Dear Angry Man,

I'm sorry what you need isn't in yet, but I'm not personally responsible for Purolator so being angry with me won't help the it come in faster.

Love, Me

Ps. Hanging up on me won't help either. 

Today was a crazy Monday. I barely stepped through the door and there were problems to be solved. And phone calls from people who just need to relax (see above).  By the end of the day the problems were solved and hopefully the angry people didn't have a heart attack. 

To celebrate all the nice things that happened today (which feel few and far between) I'm going to suggest this: Take a break. Have some fun. My birthday was yesterday so I'm going to look over the cards and gifts I got as a reminder that one frustrating day really isn't the end when you know people love you.  

So, find something that can show you the bigger picture even if it's just for a minute or two...

The Wakeful Dreamer
11/15/2011 01:45:34

Love this!!


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