I'm a big fan of things that are free. I think most people are. And the best part of getting free things is sharing them. Know now that I still am going to do a blog about my Kindle but on this rainy Manic Monday I'm going to share a website where you can get free Kindle books. So if you don't have a Kindle, I'm sorry.

But for those of you who do, you should try: e-book fling. I warn you now that like most websites it caters greatly to the USA but for us Canadians there is still fun to be had. If you sign up (for free) they will "fling" you a free book every month. I think it's every month because I just signed up last month and have not been getting a free book every week so I think my assumption is correct.

There's no obligation to even download a book but isn't it nice to treat yourself once in a while?

The Wakeful Dreamer 
4/2/2012 15:30:49

I love my kindle, but I do wish it glowed (glew?) In the dark so I could read while kayden is asleep. I did purchase a little clip-on light but still.


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