I'm not sure if you have ever found your way wondering around the wonderful site http://www.etsy.com/, but it is a playground of delightful, endless enjoyment. 

Well, it is for me at least, because it is a virtual marketplace. People who do arts and crafts, who make all kinds of things from beaded necklaces to clothing out of plastic bottles, are found on this website. Looking for something vintage? Etsy is your place. Want something that no one else has? Buy it on Etsy because if it's coming from Peru, I'm thinking no one will have one from where you're from... unless you are from Peru where it is popular...

But the best thing that I found on Etsy a few months ago was right there on the main page: Blog posts! And they are not just posts about how to do cool things with felt. They are interesting thoughts about art, music, clothing, and just about anything you can imagine. 

So I'm leaving you today with this article:

It's one of the first ones I ever read and made me think a lot more about the clothes I wear, other then what colour looks best on me. 

Let me know what you think.

The Wakeful Dreamer
9/27/2011 02:16:31

Super interesting read! I like that she brings up organic products (cotton) and actually mentions that they're not the be all and end all of solutions. So many people buy organic products and think that that automatically makes it better when often it really doesn't. Articles like this tend to glaze over the these issues.

Maybe it's the report-writing-former-university-student in me talking but I really wish there had been citations! I know it was just an article but I would love to be able to look further into the issues she was talking about. I'm definitely guilty of consumerism evil but some times I can't help it. I can't always buy vintage because vintage sizes simply aren't Nhi sizes! But I try to strike a balance & make sure my clothes can be worn over multiple seasons & years.


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