It's March. 

I know that if we were together in a room sitting in comfortable chairs, drinking hot beverages, you would turn to me and say, "I know!" but with the tone that you cannot believe that March has snuck up on us and taken over February. 

I was terrible in February and mostly I blame it on a cold I had that still has me sniffling, but I realized the other day that February is that kind of month. It's the month where you feel like spring should be right around the corner but then it blizzards. March is off the hook because it has the first official day of spring. February has nothing except this ability to make you fall into despair. It makes you not go to the gym but gets you addicted to Pinterest. Yes, I blame you February. *shakes fist*

I have three books and I owe you, reader, three reviews but it's just not going to happen tonight. So, I'm taking an IOU on this one and hopefully by Thursday I'll be back on track again because it's March and March will be nicer to me... right?

The Wakeful Dreamer
3/6/2012 15:07:03



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