For those of you who were concerned, I survived my cold and I'm going to live to fight another day... or at least post another book review. However, though the cold didn't kill me, I'm sure this heat wave will. I love it because it means the last legs of summer are still strong but thick, suffocating air is not always the condition I like to live in. Where is my light summer breeze? Where, I ask you?

I had never read anything of Hemingway's that I can remember, I'm sure it passed across my desk at school, but I recognized the name nonetheless. This book was given to me by my Grandpa (Thanks again!) and he mentioned that he really likes Hemingway. I have to say that I now do too. 

It was the style that first drew me in: short, thoughtful, and rhythmic. The book, or should I say, novella, is not very long but you can see the reason why Hemingway receives all the praise he did. 

The story is simple, an old fisherman is having no luck fishing. He goes out one day, farther then he should really, and catches a huge fish. It takes days for him to finally catch the fish and on the way home he has to fight off several sharks to bring it back. In the end the fish is just a skeleton and the old man is more tired than before. The only other main character is a boy that used to work with the old man and because he cares for the old man, takes care of him from time to time.

That's it. That is the whole story. Though it lends itself to be simple and possibly disappointing (you want him to bring back the huge fish and shove it in the face of the fishermen who laugh at him), I found it delightful. Hemingway touches on endurance, determination, and even though all is lost, there is more to be gained then what you originally thought in the beginning.

A good, surprising read, especially when you are waiting for the library to call you about the other books you have on hold...

The Wakeful Dreamer 

Auntie Laurel
9/8/2011 16:46:45

I loved that book! So many years ago I'd forgotten about it! Thanks for reminding me!


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