I'm not sure if you knew this before but I love robots. Transformers, Wall-E, Number 5 - you name them, I love them. Just not the bad ones. Why am I mentioning this? Because I just watched Real Steel and loved it as well. Robots. Robots. Robots. 

Okay, the real reason I'm focusing on robots and not on a book is because I'm trying to avoid said book. To be honest I didn't even read all of The Hare with the Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance by Edmund Dewaal. I didn't even read half. I only read a quarter. 

I've never done this before. Even if I don't like a book I can manage to get through it... but not this time. To its credit I love the premise of the book: A man inherits a collection of netsuke (small figurines). He then decides to discover the story behind the netsuke as well as the story of his family. 

It could have intrigue, mystery, and murder (yes, I watch too many movies). Or it could be pages and pages of dry text. Yes, it is wonderful that your great-great grandfather hung out with some very famous Impressionistism painters, but do you have to go on and on about Japanese culture in England? What about your grat-great grandfather? What about the rest of your family and the netsuke?

I'm he covers that in the rest of the book but I'm sorry Edmund, I just can't do it. Instead I'll focus on my love of robots. Especially since I watched this video:
It's crazy, I know. We for sure need robots to help us clean up our messes... 

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