Okay, I'll admit it: I have tried to move things with my mind before. Please note the word tried. I have yet to succeed. The idea of being telekinetic is exciting to me... not that I think it would really ever happen but what if one time I tried and it worked?!? 

Clearly I have read too many books and seen too many movies. The latest read is not going to help me at all in giving up my attempts, except for the fact that I'm not an alien. 

I Am Number Four is a novel about a boy, Four, also known as John, who is an alien on earth because his home planet was taken over and destroyed by the Mogadorians. He is protected by Henri, who helps to train him as he develops his powers or "legacies" as they are called. This part kind of reminds me of going through puberty because having a bad pimple is just as embarrassing as your hands glowing in history class. 

I liked this book. I tend to enjoy books like I Am Number Four because they are a nice simple read, written mostly as juvenile fiction, but they are jam-packed with imagination. 

The most interesting parts of this novel was when John was training with Henri because through Henri you come to understand why they are on earth and how they are different from humans. And also how they are the same. Lorien was dying because the people were killing it but they managed to smarten up and save their planet. Sound familiar? Maybe an optimistic hope for our future? 

The main thing that I never like in books like this is that the other characters always seem to take it so well that the main character is an alien: "Oh you just have super strength and are fireproof? Cool." I always think that something bordering on a mental breakdown would take place if your boyfriend just jumped through the burning wreckage to rescue you and isn't even singed. So yes, maybe sometimes I'm more of a realist but I would like just a little bit of freaking out. Is that too much to ask?

This is the first book in a series. The second book just came out, as in last month, so if you really enjoy this book you're going to be looking at a wait in between readings. There is supposed to be six books in the series. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... don't watch the movie. It will only make you frustrated if you have read the book. 

The Wakeful Dreamer

9/17/2011 05:48:52

I should have known. The movies cuts all the good parts out!


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