I know you will all think I'm from the 1800's if I say this but... I don't own a cellphone. Someday in the future maybe I will but until that point I remain not totally opposed but yes, I will be that person who watches as you walk into a pole while texting (okay, I'm not that malicious, I would try at last to warn you). 

I have watched people all day half bent over their cellphones while they wait for appointments and all looks very painful! I think my future occupation should be a chiropractor because someone is going to need to help all these poor souls. 

I've gotten off to a terrible start this year and have hardly read anything at all! I did manage to read Falling Backwards, Jann Arden's memoir for my book club and I have to admit that it took awhile. It was kind of a hard read because it was so... scattered. 

She wrote about her whole life, and there are some amazing stories in there, however she would start one story and then tell five more stories before finishing the original one. She does touch on sexual abuse and women in a really sensitive and open way that I found interesting but that part is minor compared to the craziness that was/is her life. 

I guess it was supposed to read somewhat like actually having a conversation with her but I found it too hard to read. Having a really conversation with her would be fine... I think. 

The Wakeful Dreamer

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