I love communication in all forms. Let me be more specific: I love clear communication. It's funny how something so simple can get so messed up (for reference please read or watch on Youtube Abbot and Costello's Who's on First).

And I don't mean just words. Ideas, opinions, and feelings can get all scrambled up till we're blue in the face. Sometimes all the aggravation can be avoided by simply stating in the beginning that "I think blue really means green."

This is what I appreciated about Elizabeth Gilbert's writing. She states very clearly what she means about everything. I don't have to agree with her about everything she is writing but I don't have to feel confused later when she brings something up. I have a point of reference. 

Which you need in this book because it is an autobiography of sorts (mostly because it's just about one year of her life). Gilbert writes about how, after being divorced, she takes a year to travel to Italy, India, and Indonesia. In Italy she eats, in India she prays, and in Indonesia, well guess what: She loves. 

It's always neat to take a peek into someone else's life and see how they're managing everything. Gilbert, having gone through a terrible time, writes about how she finds healing by taking time for herself and others. 

So not everyone can manage to spend time travelling about the globe but you can in this book... and in any book actually. So please read and be kind to yourself.

The Wakeful Dreamer 

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