You know your Monday is going to be interesting when you know the city is going to work on the water pipes and you find in your mailbox a nice letter saying that you'll have to boil your water if you want to consume it in anyway until they say it is safe to drink. My first thought was that it'll be about ten years before we're able to drink water from the tap again... dramatic much?

Despite my skepticism, my day was fairly good. Though cold. Very cold. This is why I'm writing this blog post snuggled in a blanket and have the electric heater on at full blast. If you are cold this always seems to be the perfect solution. 

I know I didn't write a blog post on Thursday, again, but after a tangle with the library and some intense reading I think I should get some credit for reading three books in the last 2 weeks. Expect a longer-ish (made-up word) post on Thursday. 

In the meantime, please enjoy this video:
I just hope they did it all in one take because setting it all back up would be painful...

The Wakeful Dreamer
12/5/2011 21:20:28

Pffft that's cool with the books and all but overall not as cool as Honda's Cog ad!

12/5/2011 22:49:47

I wanted to tell you we read Secret Daughter for our book club! I waited for two weeks thinking I'd read it in one week and remember it well after one more only took me 24 hours to read. Did you find like, NOTHING was described in that book? I mean I really liked it but I could have used some visual help. Especially on things like their house, the grandparent's place and some general out and about in Bombay/Mumbai descriptions. I'm glad I've read stories that take place in that city before or I would have been at a loss. Also I agree: the cover was very pretty. I would have picked it up too.


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