I like listening to the radio in the car to and from work. The drive to work is very short (5 minutes tops) but I can hear a lot of news in those few minutes. Some stories seem to go on forever and others are very short and strange

Last week they were discussing about whether or not it's appropriate for teenagers to wear sweat/yoga pants to school. Now hear me out before you start yelling about me "gettin' up in your grill" (I'm a gansta, yo)... I think sweatpants can be comfortable and yes, yoga pants can be stylish but there are appropriate times and places for all things. 

There are also appropriate body types and because the phrase "muffin top" exists, I don't really think I need to go any further (I'm sorry if you're a visual person). So, the radio story coupled with a picture a friend of mine took of a woman not wearing any pants in a Starbucks brought my to this flowchart which made me chuckle quite a bit.

Oh and who could forget this song:
Here's to asking those very valuable questions: Are you wearing pants? And if so, are they on the ground?

The Wakeful Dreamer

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