The Manic Monday has proven to be quite mean. Although it was a nice day at work, I have developed the weirdest cold I have ever had. I have aches and bad sinus pressure but nothing else. No running nose, no watery eyes, no cough. Nothing. It all feels very... wimpy. So I'm dealing with it the best way I can: medication. 

So if you're like me today and maybe not feel the best or just a little tired from the weekend, boy do I have something for you. If you're reading this blog then I assume you go on the internet. In fact, I assume you go on quite regularly. You check your emails, your banking, the all-powerful facebook and other social network sites, a blog or two and then... you do it all over again. Have you ever had the feeling that there may be more out there? 

I have just the thing:

This website lets you stumble around the internet based on what you are interested in. You just have to sign up, choose from a list of things you like and away you go! There are parameters you can set up so you don't stumble upon anything unpleasant. You also get to keep refining your parameters by saying whether you like or don't like the site you've stumble upon. 

So for all you adventurers out there, stumble on! Explore the infinite boundaries of the internet... well until you come to the end... because the internet has run out of space you know.... but don't worry its not like you'll fall off the face of the earth, I think...

The Wakeful Dreamer

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