This Manic Monday is going to be about *drum roll* language. Ta da! Where would we be without it? It is the tool in which we express ourselves and the method we use to understand others. Oh language! How I love thee! Mostly because you feed my book fetish...

Language can become jumbled by those who don't know how to use it correctly and can also become a sledge hammer in the hands of those who feel like they should be bringing down those with less than correct skills. Why can't we all just get along? 

Okay, I admit that I'm a firm believer in punctuation, proper spelling and grammar. But every once in a while you have to love someone who writes just like this: 

Crazy right? I kill myself laughing every time and it has everything to do with the voice. But I can't help thinking of that poor reviewer's education...

And now for something completely different but stylistically the same:
So there you have it. Language, whether used properly or abused, is what we have to make our opinions known. Maybe we comment on a game or on language itself or even use it to open a whole new world (yes, an Aladdin reference) through a book.

So please be kind with all of your power. And rewind, in the sense that you re-read what you write and make use of auto-correct (I know I need to).

The Wakeful Dreamer
8/26/2011 02:42:58

What are your thoughts on the Oxford comma?


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