The one thing that makes me realize how old I actually am is surveys. I just was finishing one for a restaurant, who enticed me by promises of money and food, when they asked me to click the appropriate age bracket... and I actually had to think about it for a moment because I'm now in a new age bracket! Then again I am at the beginning of the age bracket, so I guess it's not all bad, except for the part where I didn't win any money or food. 

I'm just now settling into the Christmas spirit. I know there have been some of you out there biting at the bit in October to burst out in carols and put on your santa hats but I have to admit that I'm a Decemberist - by that I mean that I like to start thinking about Christmas in the month it is actually in. My birthday is in November so you have to forgive me for wanting to keep Christmas where is belongs, in the next month over.

We just brought the tree into today and it smells so wonderful. I wish there was smell-o-vision so you could feel as comfortable as I do as I get a whiff of Christmas tree every now and again. Until they figure that out I'm going to share this version of the Sound of Silence that I can't get out of my head: 
This has also made me feel comfortable and calm all day. I hope you feel the same way too...

The Wakeful Dreamer
12/18/2012 05:29:58

Great rendition, both vocally and instrumentally. But the visuals add nothing to it.


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