To continue with some of favorite things, I have to let you in on a secret. Maybe you haven't picked up on this yet but I love, wait make that LOVE, humor. 

Laughing is so great, isn't it? There are medical studies about how it relives stress, etc. but we already know it makes us feel good. So, if you've had a day like me where you feel like you just want to crawl in bed and sleep (yes, I know it is Tuesday too) then these videos are for you. Maybe they'll make you smile too.

The first one was floating around facebook for a while but I watched five times in one day and laughed every time:
There is something about this cat that makes me smile every time and live in fear of it following me:
Last but not least, a clip from Firefly. Probably the only show in the world where I laugh through every episode: 
I hope you at least smiled at one of these videos. If not, then find your own video, animal or t.v. show to make you crack up... that's an order.

The Wakeful Dreamer
12/29/2011 07:29:54

"...and we will call it: this land!"


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