I have been told once or several times that I am an avid reader. 

Thinking that this simply meant that I liked reading and books and I thought, "Yes. I do like reading and books." What I didn't realize is what avid really meant. So I looked it up, like any good internet savvy person, on dictionary.com and learned this:

1. enthusiastic; ardent; dedicated; keen: an avid moviegoer.

While I do love movies (as the example states), I've realized that I am dedicated, enthusiastic and keen about books. I'm not sure how ardent I am but you can look up that one on your own. 

I'm not sure if you guessed yet where this is all going but to put it simply: this is a blog/website about books (Didn't see that coming did you?). I've started lists before where I try to think really hard about all the books I've read in the last year but because I fail at writing them down, the lists are not complete...

But no more! Here I will not only list the books I read but I will write a short post about them, what I like and didn't like, how I feel about them and why I think you should or shouldn't read them. Sounds like fun, right? Right?

I'm starting now because it's a new month (August) and I've just started a new book, in a series no less (to be a secret until I write about it... or maybe till someone asks). 

So here's to the next year of reading, writing, and all that happens in between.

The Wakeful Dreamer

8/4/2011 16:30:49

"(to be a secret until I write about it... or maybe till someone asks)"

I'm asking ;)


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