I was supposed to post the last post on Wednesday but one day late is as good as ever! 

Having not posted in a while (sorry 'bout that!) I have returned to find that Weebly has made some changes that are really cool and time savers - not to mention life savers. Is anyone else thinking about candy right now? Anyways...

The first book, which I will now refer to as MPSPC, looks creepy. In fact I had to kind of hide the cover for a bit before I started reading it (Note: turning it over does not help, there are only more "peculiar" children on the back). However, it only looks creepy because the story revolves around a boy who finds the photographs of these peculiar children and goes off to find Miss Peregrine to get some answers about his grandfather. 

It has some time travel, mysterious persons, and Wales to keep me interested. I guess all in all I was a little disappointed in the timing of the plot. I felt like it took a while to get to where we were going and then everything sped up so that we could get to the end. I also think I expected it to be... more thrilling? Not scary but I think I expected to be more on the edge of my seat. And I wasn't. I was comfortably reclined. With my feet up. 

The Night Circus on the other hand was enchanting. I was drawn into the world of the circus with the desire to go and see it (if only I could)! 

The story is weaved around the circus. Two older magicians enter in a challenge, a game of magic. One binds his daughter to it and the other finds an orphan boy to teach and train. The rules of the game are not quite clear and the opponents know that there is someone out there that is against them but they are not sure who. The circus is the arena and it holds wonderful, magical tents and performers who all play apart in the game. 

I want to write so much more about it but really you just need to read it...

The Wakeful Dreamer

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