It's April! As my first resolution (other then doing laundry) is to blog about the books I've read so that I can start April on track again. And here we go!

I have this problem where I don't know what to do when I start to read a book and realize that I don't like it. I know the answer is to just stop reading it and I actually think about putting the book down but there is always this glimmer of hope that maybe I'll like it. Maybe. With this idea in my head, I read it till the end and realize... that I just suffered through a whole book and did not enjoy myself. 

Unfortunately, this was the case with The Last September by Elizabeth Bowen. I was drawn in by the cover and then when I read the back I thought it would be good. And it is in its own way... I know that sounds strange but I'll explain it like this: I'm not really fond of The Great Gatsby. We had to read it in high school and although I understand it to be a great novel, I just never really connected with it. The Last September had the same feel to me and I just never felt like I was drawn into the story...

While some books attract me because of their covers, others get me because of their titles. And because they are free. Which happened to be the case with The Confessions of an Las Vegas Motorcop by H. D. Justice. 

I read it on my Kindle (for free!) and it was exactly what you would expect it to be: full of some wild and crazy stories about motorists in Las Vegas. It was amusing to say the least. 

Sorry if this doesn't feel like a very complete review of these books. I did read them a bit ago and they were just okay to me. I've just recently finished a trilogy that makes me excited about blogging for Thursday, so stay tuned!

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