Many thanks go out to my husband who first heard about this first book on the radio. Thumbs up for CBC! You may be asking yourself why I read a parenting book when I don't have any children or are planning on having any in the next nine months. My answer is this: I was curious. It's the same answer I give when people ask why I tried haggis (and I was in Scotland) and it's probably the same answer I gave as a child that got me trouble one too many times. Yes, curiosity killed the cat but as far as I can tell, I am still alive.

So being my rather curious self I said, "Self, I feel like reading this parenting book." To clarify it's not really a parenting book. It is not filled with how to's or do not's, it is an American mother talking about her experiences as she raises her children in Paris because she notices that people in Paris raise their children differently. 

Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman was good book and really makes you think about different cultures and ways of life. For more great references on different cultures and babies please watch the documentary called: Babies

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson is now that I think about it more, also about different cultures. The heart of the story lies with Major Pettigrew as he finds himself becoming friends with the local shopkeeper in his small town. As their relationship grows he finds himself being drawn more and more towards her while finding the opinions of those around him to be not as friendly because she is a shopkeeper and a foreigner. 

This book is so cute! I know that seems ridiculous to say but it is! It is also very thoughtful but it just makes you want love to win the day! It is a book worthy reading, smiling over, and cheering for.

The Wakeful Dreamer

Tammy Amodeo
4/17/2012 14:24:53

Sarah...guess what! I read a book today...a whole book...can you believe it!! Which book you ask? Heaven Is For Real!!!! Loved it!


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