I rarely watch a movie before reading the book, I think I've only done it twice: first with A Walk To Remember and now with My Sister's Keeper. In both cases I filled with the anxiety that the book may not be as good as the movie... which is strange because usually my anxiety is the other way around - that the movie will not capture the book. 

I have come to peace with my anxiety in both cases knowing that my imagination is more vivid then any movie screen and I have to say that I really did like this book. You might say I was cheating by knowing the whole story and how it ends but if I told you there was a good year between me seeing the movie and reading the book will you cut me some slack?

First I have to mention that I picked this book up at the local church book sale, which if you ever have the chance to go to one you'll be amazed at all the great books you can get! *plug finished*

The thing I loved the most about the book was the formatting. This may seem strange but the book switched from character the character (sometimes in different years) almost each chapter and when the character changed so did the font. Genius on someone's part because over time you knew who was going to be speaking without even looking at any names. Which is important by the end...

Is it sad? Of course! A book about a child suing her parents for the right to her own body because they are using her to save her sister who has cancer, never mind the fact that they have a son who is left out of the picture most of the time, would be sad don't cha think? 

A good sad story is good once in a while...

The Wakeful Dreamer

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