Don't let the title fool you. It is Tuesday, something I have known all day and hopefully you did as well. 

Right now I'm in the middle of doing a course for work hence the lack of blog posts. Besides the reading I'm doing right now is not even very exciting for me so I don't want to put you through that torture. Consider my silence as a blessing because I'm having a hard time not falling asleep while reading the assigned textbook. 

As you probably know that when you require extreme focus, procrastination rears its head (for the record I'm done reading what I need to for tonight). I can say, from personal experience, that for some reason EVERYTHING else becomes more interesting then what you are trying to do. Everything. 

And while we are on the topic of everything I have to share what has been rolling around in my head all day long: I don't get television shows. My problem is this: The main character saves you from a nuclear fallout AND two armed convicts and you're mad at him because you once dated him? Honey, you could have been shot and burned by acid rain... I think a thank you is in order. 

And now that you can tell I've been practicing procrastination and that my brain has significantly turned to mush I'm going to see what I can read next to save my sanity...

The Wakeful Dreamer 
It seems like fall has turned into the beginnings of winter and I have resurrected my slippers. And all of our blankets. It feels just like moments ago that I was trying to adjust every fan in the house because it was sweltering out. 

Since the weather has turned I have also took a turn and ended up in the non-fiction section of the library. I don't usually visit the non-fiction section but it looked lonely so I wandered up and down the aisle and found the book Other People's Love Letters edited by Bill Shapiro. The book has 150 love letters inside of various formats - hand written, emails, texts, etc. Some are quite lovely and you soon come to figure out that not all love letters are good, some are very good rejection love letters. 

The time has come again to read another book for my book club! This time we read Village of Small Houses: A Memoir of Sorts by Ian Ferguson. It was about a family living in a small northern Alberta town. It is half fiction and half based on the author's life. 

In a way it was interesting, mostly composed of stories of people trying to get by in the harsh north. In another way I found by the end it was quite depressing and I know real life isn't all roses but the main character ends up separated from almost all the people in his past. 

Here is to more reading and making some good hot chocolate...

The Wakeful Dreamer