This blog was started just over a year ago, in the beginning of August 2011, to keep track of all the books I read in a year. And although I haven't been always faithful about posting when I should (summer was so hard!), I have enjoyed this past year and have come to discover more and more books that I like... and a few that I'm okay never to read again. 

So the question on your mind is: How many books did I read? 

Well I'm starting from the beginning of last August to the end of this August. My husband informs me this is actually 13 months but how about we call it a nice baker's dozen?

That makes the grand total of *insert drumroll here* 56 books! 

And of course, there are always more to read. I have a pretty great idea for a plan for this year so keep on the look out for more blog posts because now that it is the fall I'll be back on track... right? 

The Wakeful Dreamer 

Amendment: I missed a book! The real total is 57! 
9/5/2012 02:39:22

What were the highlights?

The Wakeful Dreamer
9/5/2012 06:24:35

I'll include them in the next post!


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